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What Ancient Alternatives offers is MUCH different from the thousands of other herbal remedies offered on the internet and elsewhere. When you are done reading this article, you will realize how truly blessed you are to have found this website. Ancient Alternatives IS TCM! There are many reasons that this is true and the following are some explanations.

  1. Victor’s heritage.  Some of his recipes are over two thousand years old and have stood the test of time.  These recipes were passed down through his family.  There is nothing comparable in modern medicine.  Pharmaceuticals are derivatives of natural medicine and not in their natural state therefore causing many side effects.
TCM Pulse Reading by Master Herbalist Victor Shim

 “For every ailment that we know, Nature allows an herb to grow”.

  1. Each new recipe that Victor has formulated, he has tested on himself first.  To explain the value of this process, first you will have to understand the practice of Pulse Reading.   It is akin to a nurse or doctor testing your heart rate on your wrist with their own pointer finger but to a much higher degree.  There are 6 pulses on each wrist – 3 are superficial and 3 are deep for a total of 12.   Each ‘pulse point’ denotes an organ and runs through the body on a meridian.  It is on this pulse point that Victor can determine several things;  the potency and quality of a herb, how long it will be active, which meridian/organ it is directed to, which flavor (bitter, acrid, etc.), whether it is a yang, double yang, yin, triple yin, etc.  (in other words, is it cool, cold, warm, hot or neutral).  When 2 or more herbs are combined their properties affect each other.  Only an herbalist will know which herb can be combined with another and HOW they will affect each other.  You may purchase a particular blend of herbs off of a shelf somewhere and it may have a combination of, let’s say, 12 herbs.  If a knowledgeable herbalist didn’t put the recipe together, he/she may have several ingredients that do not compliment each other or even worse, neutralize each other.  You may end up with only 4-6 active ingredients.
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse ReadingQuality control - Victor absolutely will refuse a shipment of one or more herbs if the quality is substandard.  Only the best will be utilized.
  3. Balance – As in everything in life there must be balance!  Sun/Moon, Day/Night, Love/Hate, Peace/War to name a few.  It is the Hot/Cold balance that must be adhered to when formulating a blend of herbs.  Too many ‘cooling’ herbs and the circulation will be slowed down.  Too many ‘heating’ herbs and the chi (energy) rushes upwards and can cause headaches, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, etc.  Elk Velvet is triple yang and is one that is too hot.  Therefore, a good herbalist will add herbs to formulate a balanced blend.  An unbalanced blend will have side effects!  Victor’s blends DO NOT have side effects but can have natural healing indications.  These are temporary ‘crises’ that occur while the herbs are working.  Because the herbals are balanced, for example, you may have a sluggish liver and take Livver-HJ #10A but you could also take the same blend if you had a hyper liver.  The formulas are meant to balance the organ energy. 
  4. Specific energies and organs – Each of Ancient Alternative's blends areHerbal Medicine, TCM Pulse reading blended using the Chinese Five Element System, to treat a set of specific organ energies. For example - #2 Supervite brings energy to the KIDNEYS as the main meridian or organ but to a lesser extent, the spleen, stomach and liver.  #20 Bloatrite – STOMACH, LIVER, lg. and sm. intestines
  5. Instructions – We have a sheet of instructions letting you know what you should do, shouldn’t do, foods to avoid and how to take the herbs.
  6. All Ancient Alternative’s formulas are 100% pure.  There are absolutely no fillers used.


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