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Herbal Allergy Medicine ~ The Delicate Organs

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May 1, 2019
What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
July 2, 2019

Traditional Chinese Medicine The Delicate Organs

Sinus Congestion, Respiratory Allergies and Asthma

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we call the Lungs “the delicate organs”. We call them this
because they are under direct attack from the outside world with not much protection besides
that of our sinuses.
We have 4 sets of sinuses, the frontal sinuses in your forehead, the maxillary sinuses on either
side of your nose and the ethmoid and syphenoid sinuses behind the nose.
Sinuses capture bacteria and virus trying to get into our bodies, through our lungs, by trapping
them in the mucosa and cillia (little hairs) of the sinuses. The translation for the Chinese
characters for sinuses are literally “nose pools” as they were considered to be little pools of
mucous to capture what is called in Traditional Chinese Medicine “Exterior Pathogenic
Invasions” or bacteria and virus. .
Mucus can be a funny topic for children (and some adults) to make jokes over but when you
have sinus congestion it really is nothing to laugh at. In a sinus congestion the sinuses increase
the amount of mucous to try to trap the invader and sometimes this reaction continues even
after the body has successfully gotten rid of the invader.
Respiratory allergies can affect either the sinuses or the delicate organ of the lungs. An allergy
is when the body thinks that something seemingly “normal” or “benign” in the environment is a
foreign invader and the immune system kicks into gear having the body respond by either
coughing to remove the “intruder” or causing an increase of mucus to trap it.
These body responses are normal and helpful when there is a bacterial or viral attach, however,
when allergens such as pollen or cat dander create sinus infections, coughing and asthma; this
is not a normal or helpful response. These kind of responses can make every spring season or
going over to a friends house; a less than happy experience.
There are many ways to treat sinus congestion, respiratory allergies and asthma with herbal medicine; such as ALLERZEES and of course one should always check with their medical professional to help decide what is the appropriate treatment.

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