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Herbal Medicine Manufacturer

Manufacturing herbal remedies and medicines to strict standards of purity and quality. Herbal remedies prepared under the expert guidance of master herbalist Victor Shim, using formulations developed over millenniums.

Master Shim has been practicing TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada since 1973.
Our manufacturing facility in Edmonton AB Canada, distributes herbal health products throughout Canada & USA.

Canadian Herbal Medicine Manufacturer


Ancient Alternatives, use the finest, highest quality herbs from trusted and respected suppliers.
Our manufacturing facility is government inspected, all natural health products are manufactured to the highest standards of purity and quality.
We employ rigid quality control methods throughout the manufacturing process.

Health Store Suppliers

Suppliers to Health and Wellness Stores in Canada and USA.
Ancient Alternatives can supply all your herbal remedy and medicinal herb needs.



Contact us about WHOLESALE PRICING

Private Label Manufacturing / Custom Packaging / Co-Branding

Health Product Stores, take advantage of our private label manufacturing opportunity, we can package any of our products to your specifications. Including your brand name and custom labels.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Supplier

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Yin-yang, the human body Meridian system, and the Five Elements.  These concepts have been in use in eastern medicine for 3000 years and are still the basis of medicine, for most of Asia's population.

herbal medicine preparation

Master Herbalist Victor Shim, oversees all aspects of manufacturing and production, for Ancient Alternatives Herbal Medicine Company

Herbal Medicine Manufacturer

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