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History and Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

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May 1, 2019

Chinese Herbal Medicine has a long and rich history dating back thousands of years.

Like most ancient cultures, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (this includes Chinese Herbal Medicine) was passed on Orally from doctor to doctor, generation to generation.

Then when humans started to use the written word to communicate, TCM was passed on as it is today. Original writings were found on bone and and shell, then silk, dating back millennia. Huang Di Nei Jin is the earliest TCM text found, dating back 5000 years and is still used to study Chinese Herbal Medicine today

The study of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a fascinating one. Bring your imagination back to a time 5000 years in the past. A time before civilization looked anything like it does now. A time where people still lived not only off the earth but often times in the earth

This time in history looked far, far different from our current time of houses and hospitals and technology. Technology that can do anything from vacuuming our floors to executing delicate surgeries or studying the effects of a certain herb on the human body.

In the time of early beginnings, humans had different day to day concerns then we do now. However, the thing that we do share with our ancient ancestors is the caring for our human bodies.

Just as today, people were born with health issues which made life more complicated or just as today, health issues would crop up that would need to be taken care of.

So, what would happen then, in a time of no hospitals or technology?

Enter our ancient doctors and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Just as pharmaceuticals are often our initial treatment in modern times, Herbal medicine was the initial action taken millennia ago. To be precise, local herbs, or herbal combinations, that today we would call herbal formulas.

This time that we have been imagining was a quieter time, a time of great introspection. The time when, if one was a doctor, than that was one’s entire life, that was what you ate, drank and slept, quite literally. In this time all research was done on one’s own self. Doctors would pass their herbal knowledge down to the next generation but it was also required that a doctor do research upon their own bodies. Doctors would be required to know their bodies so intimately that they would be able to detect what effect every herb and herbal combination had on their systems when ingested or put on the skin.

Although herbal medicine is ancient, it is just as effective today as it was thousands of years ago.

5000 years is a lot of time to perfect anything. It is a lot of time to do a lot of human research. In this time, though our circumstances have greatly changed, the human body is genetically very much the same. Though we have modern illness due to our modern lifestyles our organ systems still functioned similarly and herbal medicine still has the same effect.

That said, not all herbs or herbal formulas are created equal. In a Chinese herbal formula it is of the utmost importance that the herbal combination in the formula is balanced. All herbs within a formula have a purpose, the chemical components of each herb either support or counteract other components of other herbs within the same formula, therefore making the formula safe and effective. The smallest formula in Chinese Medicine is 2 herbs and a formula can go up to 100 herbs in total.

It is not wise for anyone to choose a Chinese herbal formula for oneself. The amount of education and skill it takes to properly diagnose the health issue one is suffering takes years of education and clinical research. It is very important that you always seek an expert advice in the field and always choice Chinese Herbal products that are created by experts, with high integrity and quality herbs. Our Chinese Herbal Medicine Store use only the highest quality ingredients and standards to produce our herbal formulas.

Chinese Herbal Medicine can treat the majority of ailments and health afflictions faced in our modern time. If you are suffering a health concern please be sure to see your doctor first. Then with consent be sure to seek an expert in the field of Chinese Herbal Medicine before starting a herbal protocol.


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