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Master Herbalist Victor Shim

Victor Shim comes by his mastery in the healing and meditative arts from a number of ancient streams. First, his family have all been Master Herbalists in the Chinese
tradition as far back as the line can be traced. Second, he has been a disciple of and studied under teachers from some of the most respected lineages of healing and
medications in the Chinese tradition.

Master Shim was born in East Malaysia and began studying at the age of fourteen withthe three Spiritual Masters.  Master Huang Sheng Shyan initiated Victor into his study of Tai Chi and meditation,Master Shyan was himself, a student of the great “Master of the Five Excellences,”  Cheng Man Ching.

At the age of fifteen, Victor was chosen to become one of the only four students to everstudy under the great adept, Master Chang. During his intensive training with Master Chang, Victor acquired knowledge in acupuncture, acupressure, massage, meditation,  herbs, martial arts and pulse reading.

Victor’s training with Master Chang began before he even met his new master. Master Chang has selected Victor as his apprentice based on his lineage and talent and sent Victor an invitation to his home for their first meet and greet. As the days went by, Victor visited every day and waited many hours at Chang’s house just to meet him. Finally, Chang summoned Victor in for his first meeting and that was his first test. The rest of Victor’s training was to continue in this very oriental and subtle vein.  Victor told a story of a time when he was young that he’d like to go out with his friends in the evening. One day, Chang asked Victor to bring him a certain type of herb for the next day.  He mentioned to Victor that this herb must be picked from the ground before sunrise. Victor assured his Master that he’d do as was told. As expected, he had a very late night of reveling with his friends and slept in the next morning. The sun had already risen.  He rushed to the field, picked the herb and brought it back to his Master. Then Chang used the herb in a remedy for one of his patients.  Later that week, the patient came back and complained that the remedy did not work.  Chang immediately looked over at Victor and informed him that he did not do what was instructed. Victor hung his head and confessed that this was indeed true. He then inquired from his master of how he could know of this. Chang explained that some herbs lose their potency once they have “opened up;” therefore, it must be picked before sunrise when they are “closed.” During this time, Victor studied martial arts with Master Ah Huat and Master Ah Chong as well. From the age of fourteen he pursued martial arts, then in his early twenties he changed his focus to Taoist meditation and healing.  Victor was occupied as a school teacher in Malaysia during his training. After ten years his master sent him to Canada.  In 1973, Victor moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and taught meditation and TaiChi.

In 1978, he moved to Edmonton and taught Tai Chi in the Faculty Extension Programs of the University of Alberta for several years. He also opened a clinic that is still in operation to this day. Clients still come daily to have their pulses read and have acupressure.

Victor’s life purpose has been to those that request his help to regain their health,