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Master Herbalist Victor Shim

Grand Master Herbalist, Victor Shim was destined to greatness.  His parents, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents and so on, down the line, were herbalists.  MASTER HERBALIST VICTOR SHIMHe was born in East Malaysia and began studying at the age of 14 with the first of 3 Masters. Master Huang Sheng Shyan taught Victor Tai Chi and meditation.  Master Shyan was a student of the great “Master of the Five Excellences” – Cheng Man Ching.  Then, at the age of 15, Victor became one of only 4 students to be chosen to study under the great teacher, Master Chang.  It was during this intensive training, that Master Chang passed on his knowledge of acupuncture, acupressure, massage, meditation, herbs,  martial arts and pulse reading.  Victor’s lessons began before he even met his new master.  Master Chang asked Victor to come to his home so that they could meet.  Victor would sit at Chang’s house, in a chair for many, many hours during the day, waiting to meet him and ‘days’ went by before Victor actually met his master to be. 
This was his first lesson – Patience. 

One would assume that Master Chang would not have taken Victor on as a student, had he not passed this first test.  Being that Victor was a young man at thTRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE MASTER VICTOR SHIMis time, he would go out with his friends in the evening.  One particular evening, Master Chang asked Victor to go and pluck a particular herb from the ground BUT it had to be done BEFORE sunrise. 
Victor assured his Master that he would do so but had a very late night of reveling with his friends and so, slept in the next morning. 
The sun had risen and Victor rushed to the field to pluck the herb and brought it to his master’s house.  Master Chang then used that herb in a remedy for one of his patients.  Later that week, the patient came back, complaining that the remedy did not work.  Master Chang immediately looked at Victor and informed, (not asked) him, that he had not followed the specific instructions and had picked the herb too late in the day.  Victor hung his head and confessed that this was true, but wanted to know why he had been caught. 
Master Chang then passed on one more lesson. 
Some herbs lose their potency, once they have ‘opened up’, therefore dictating that they must be picked before the sun rises, while they are ‘closed’. 

There are far too many of these stories to include but these are two of the numerous lessons that Victor learned during his time with Master Chang.  During this time, Victor also studied with Master Ah Huat.  This master’s specialty was to teach Victor ‘self defense using internal energies’ through meditation.  Later, Victor was to study with his 4th master who was to teach him only martial arts – praying mantis style.  This master was Ah Chong.  From the age of 14, he pursued martial arts vigorously but in his early 20’s, changed his focus to Taoist meditation. 

Victor was a school teacher in Malaysia for almost 10 years before his masters urged him to move to Canada.  In 1973, Victor moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and taught meditation and Tai Chi.  In 1978 he moved to Edmonton and taught Tai Chi in the Faculty Extension Programs in the University of Alberta for several years. 

He also opened a clinic that is still in operation to this day.  Clients stream in daily to have their pulses read, to have acupressure and or acupuncture performed, or to buy herbs.  To learn about “pulse readings” and why they are a critical aspect of Victor’s TCM, please check the article on this website titled TCM and Ancient Alternatives  

Victor’s life purpose has been to help those that want help, to regain their health. 

Teachers open the door.  You enter by yourself.    Chinese Proverb

Master Herbalist Victor Shim

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