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    Welcome to Slimfit Herbals for weight loss. This simple and easy to follow program will give you a healthy way to bring your body back to balance while increasing your metabolism in helping you shed unwanted pounds.

   There are many approaches to losing weight. Some are more effective and healthier than others. No matter where you are right now on your journey to better health, Slimfit Herbals can help you restore your body and your weight to its most natural balanced state.

   How many of us today can say we respect our bodies and value our health. Stress and strain seem to go hand and hand in today’s world. More than ever before, we need to search for ways to re-establish harmony and balance in our body, mind and spirit.

   Everything in life, is regulated by natural physical law, including our body, so if we wish to lose weight effectively, we must do it in accordance with nature.

   Excess weight is not only a result of the calories we eat, but also on how much energy our body has to use them up.

     Energy is the basis of good health and when it is adequate, it fuels metabolism so that the food is transformed into energy instead of waste. If energy is deficient, digestion and elimination become slow.  We then will retain water and accumulate phlegm and fat.

     The way to reduce and prevent fat and cellulite is to improve our energy/chi. We cannot see energy/chi, but can see its effects in our body. For example if we have an increase in clothing size, this corresponds to a decrease in energy and we begin to feel heavy and slow with a larger waistline and hips.

     The difference is that effective weight loss is best achieved not with extreme diets but by increasing our energy. This varies from person to person and that is why there is no universal weight loss diet for everyone.

      Chinese Medicine views overweight specifically this way, therefore; diet is not the only factor to consider when losing weight and most people need to build up strength “before” they can lose the weight.

     Age, physical weakness, stress and poor diet can all be contributing factors but the most common cause of weight gain is when our spleen, liver and kidneys become weak and out of balance. These three organs have to be healthy and strong in order for the body to be able to rid itself of the excess water and toxins that turn into fat.

     Safe and permanent weight reduction is directly related to the amount of vital energy you have at your disposal and to the efficient use of this energy to eliminate waste (excess weight) from your body. 

   The key to our Slimfit weight loss system is that it works with your body to free up energy. With this renewed energy, your body goes to work automatically to shed any burden of excess weight. The more energy freed up, the more weight you lose. 

   Weight gain is only part of a larger picture. To be healthy, strong, and slim, we need healthy CHI, the energy of metabolism. EVERYTHING THAT AFFECTS “CHI” AFFECTS BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

Slimfit 9A- is formulated towards improving the internal organs and allowing them to become healthy again so that normal metabolism can be achieved. The ingredients are Scute Bupleurum, Panax Ginseng, Licorice, Black dates, Polygala Root, Astragalus, Ophiopagen, Stephania, Codonopsis, Schizandra, Cynomorium, Horny Goats Herb. Take 2 to 3 capsules twice a day about an hour after meals.

Slimfit 9B- is designed to suppress the appetite, yet it provides energy to that person, so he/she does not feel tired. It also contains herbs to help balance the thyroid. The ingredients are Mallow, Ginseng, Ginger, White willow, Bladderwrack and 2% other herbs. Take 2 to 3 capsules twice daily. Works best when taken about a half hour before meals.

Slimfit Tea- is a special formulated herbal tea to give the kidneys an extra boost to help increase the metabolic rate. This tea contains plums to give it a pleasant taste. The ingredients are Hawthorn, Chinese preserved Plums, Stevia, and Grifola  and they are made with unbleached teabag paper. Drink 2 cups per day. A small amount of honey can be added if desired.

   These formulas are all blended by Grand Master Herbalist "Victor Shim" who has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 1973.  Victor recommends if someone wants even faster results while taking the Slimfit Herbals, one should practice daily the Kapalbhati breathing exercises. They are easy and they also work to release toxins from the body. The videos can be seen free on Good luck!

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