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Why You Should Use Products From Ancient Alternatives


The reason you will find our products different from most other products on the market today is that they are true Traditional Chinese Medicine.  If you have read Victor’s biography you will have seen that he grew up in that tradition and studied with acclaimed masters of that tradition.What that means for the Ancient Alternatives product line is this:

1. Victor’s heritage. ​The formulas Victor uses are in most cases thousands of years old and have been proven over generations to be the most effective for your particularsituation. These formulas have been passed down to him from his family and masters.  Modern medicine has nowhere near this kind of heritage and wisdom. Most pharmaceuticals are merely derivatives of natural medicine and not in their natural state; therefore, they have many undesirable and dangerous side effects.

2. Purity. ​ All the products are 100% pure herbs. You will find absolutely no fillers in these products.

3. Quality Control. ​ The herbs that Victor brings in from all over the world are of the highest quality. He sees to this personally and will not hesitate to call a halt to production if he finds one particular herb that is not up to his standard of quality, ensuring that no one ever suffer because of a contaminated, adulterated or less than effective ingredient.  The way that he tests the herbs and the final combinations is by testing them on his own system. The method used is called “pulse reading.” There are six different pulses that can be found on each wrist. These twelve pulse points connect to the twelve major organs of the body and run through the body on a meridian. Within each pulse there are twenty six possible variations. By consuming each herb and product, Victor can determine exactly what effect the herb is or is not having by testing his own pulses.

4. Balance. ​Every herb in each combination is there for a specific reason. Many formulas currently on the market do not have a trained herbalist mixing them. The manufacturer can look in a book and find the properties of specific herbs such as cinnamon which is good for circulation and then add 3 to 5 more such herbs and sell it as a blend for increasing your circulation. That may possibly be the effect but the combination may also cause you some serious negative side effects because it is not properly balanced. Yes,“negative side effects” not “healing indications” (temporary crises that occur while the herbs are working). What they don’t know is that the formulas have to be balanced. If the manufacturer happens to include 3, 4, or 5 “hot” herbs (such as cinnamon) you could end up with severe headaches, bleeding gums, nosebleeds or much worse by taking the product over a prolonged period. Victor’s blend for circulation, for example, includes herbs that are hot, warm, slightly warm, neutral, cool and cold. They are also sweet, bitter and pungent so that the different flavors balance. You may experience healing indications but you will not have negative side effects.

5. Specific energies and organs. ​ Each of Victor’s blends use the Chinese Five Element System to treat a set of specific organ energies. For example, his product “Livver-HJ” brings energy to the liver as the main meridian or organ. Since the formula is balanced, this will help balance the organ’s energy level whether the problem is a sluggish or hyperactive liver.

6. Instructions. ​ Victor has trained many consultants and educators to provide you with detailed information on his entire line of products and their possible combinations and uses. He himself is always available to support those consultants and educators with his knowledge and experience which has come to him from many past generations of healers. There is always somebody there to help you. They are not intended to replace your medical practitioner but to inspire you, encourage you and provoke thought on all health matters to promote awareness of the importance of prevention of disease in the body and spirit.