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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
July 2, 2019
Female Reproductive System

It’s interesting, in Western Medicine we don’t really think about the uterus unless we are trying to get pregnant or have uterine pain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and in China; women are taught to think about their uterus and their uterine health on a regular basis not just when they have pain or are trying to conceive.

Women are taught to not let the uterus get too hot or too cold and to make sure that the blood in the uterus doesn’t become stagnant. They are taught to prepare the uterus before they conceive and to know what the signs are if the uterus itself becomes out of balance and what to do to correct the imbalance.

Unfortunately, here in Canada women are not armed with this information and are given birth control pills to help if there seems to be an issue in this area. Though birth control can help to regulate the menstrual cycle it does not balance the uterus to get to the root cause of the pain or other issues.

When the uterus is out of balance it is very important to get a professional diagnosis and not just trying to correct the issue yourself. For example, if you were to take hot herbs when you had heat in your uterus the problem will only be made worse, creating more pain and imbalance and making a longer term issue. Having a properly balanced formula by a herbal master, is the key to getting the results you are looking for.

Interesting diagnostic tools from TCM, if you press on the lower abdominal area and the pain gets worse we would call this stagnation, however, if you were to press on the lower abdominal and the pain gets better we would consider this a deficiency. If you had pain and it was made better with heat then we could consider your uterus to be cold, if cold made the pain feel better than we would consider heat being the issues.

These are basic principles and TCM is a very intricate medicine but this may help you expand your mind to other possibilities when considering the health of your uterus.

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Always consult a professional when you are treating a health issue, especially when considering the health of your uterus.

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